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my old kentucky home [19 Oct 2007|12:58am]
I'll be back in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky for a few days starting this Saturday. If I know you and you live there, let's hang out.
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Inland Empire premieres [06 Sep 2007|11:58pm]

Last night, David Lynch premiered his new film Inland Empire at the Venice Film Festival. That's him rockin' some award alongside stars Laura Dern and Justin Theroux.

Shocker: the buzz is that the film is "weird." Critics scratched their heads and asked questions like "Is this supposed to make sense?" at the press conference afterwards. "It's supposed to make perfect sense...that's what's so terrible about press conferences. It's all about the film, not about the words." defended Lynch. No reviews have surfaced yet...not that I'm even sure if I'd read them. (The Times has this brief, spoiler-free story, though.)

I hope that this would get a real release date soon...and I dream that this 3-hour+ festival cut makes it to theaters, or at least DVD.
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rebuild? [06 Sep 2007|10:54pm]
whoa, have people know about this for a while? Am I that out of the anime loop?

News is from the new issue of the Japanese Newtype that isn't out til this weekend ...

Project "Rebuild of Evangelion"

- 4 Theatrical features starting next summer.

- Essentially condensing the original TV series yet reworking it drastically, as opposed to the Zeta Gundam movies, they will feaure a "large" amount of new material.

- It's said not to be a re-working, but an entirely new creation and that the content will not be redundant for people familiar with the series.

Staff include General Supervisor: Hideaki Anno, Director: Tsurumaki Kazuya , Character Design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Mecha Design: Ikuto Yamashita, Animation Production: Khara (Color) Studio. The scenario of the 1st part will be written by Hideaki Anno with storyboard by Shinji Higuchi.

uhhh.. how do I feel about this?
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two long songs [16 Aug 2006|11:42pm]
Today, my ipod experienced some cosmic covergence and placed the following two songs in shuffled succession:

Tortoise's "Djed"
from Millions Now Living Will Never Die
(20:57 long)

Orbital's "The Box*"
from in sides
(28:11 long)

I made it all the way through this epic sonic journey, which felt shockingly...nostalgic. It's odd to think that it's been a decade since I first heard this stuff. (I was in college! I'm so old). I found that "Djed" hasn't really aged at all. In fact, hearing it again has me psyched for the impeding release of A Lazarus Taxon, a multi-disc set of the band's coveted rarities. Oh, and they're touring for it. Sweet....

This version of "The Box" hails from some bonus disc, and it's positively absurd. The normal album version is a catchy, funky thunder of percussion, but this overblown remix adds glacial buildups, questionable lyrics, and an extended whistled outro. It's beyond over the top, yet still weirdly fun.

Hmm...I really need to blog about the Wu Tang Clan and Sleater Kinney concerts that I've seen in the last 2 weeks. Maybe I'll still get to that, now that deadline's over.

Oh, I'm also stoked about going campling/white water rafting this coming weekend. If I know you and you're up for it, I think we have an open slot for one more rafter...
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Sorry, Mormons [10 Jul 2006|09:25pm]
A federal court has halted the further sales and distribution of motion picture videos that have been edited to remove sex, violence, and offensive-language scenes. Judge Richard P. Matsch ruled that four companies that engaged in bowdlerizing the films were violating the copyright holders' rights "to control the reproduction and distribution of the protected work in their original form." Companies named in the suit include CleanFlicks, Family Flix, Play It Clean Video and CleanFilms. In an interview with Salt Lake City's Deseret Morning News, Daniel Thompson, who owns four CleanFlicks outlets in Utah, said, "I think it's ridiculous that you can't watch a movie without seeing sex, nudity or extreme violence. I don't understand why they're trying to keep that in there." But in a statement, Michael Apted, president of the Directors Guild of America, said, "Audiences can now be assured that the films they buy or rent are the vision of the filmmakers who made them and not the arbitrary choice of a third-party editor. ... We have great passion about protecting our work, which is our signature and brand identification, against unauthorized editing."

source: IMDB
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I'll be late for that; baby I'll wait for that [28 Jun 2006|07:59pm]

You see, I had planned to put together a timely follow-up to 2004's music wrap-up blog post back in January, but, yeah, uh... not so much. It's practically 2007 up in here. I suck. But goddammit -- I listened to a lot of music in 2005, and it's not too late to ramble on about it on my self-indulgent blog, right? Here's the first chunk of stupidly late awards, brought to you by David Bowie and a skull.

My favorite album of 2005
Edan: Beauty and the Beat
2005 became the year that I embraced my hip-hop leanings and dove in headfirst. I'm glad that I did: rap's production scene pumped out some totally bizarre, funky stuff, and a lot of talented upstart MCs made strong debuts. Edan's not exactly new, but this sophomore LP represents a big leap from his older stuff. He's a triple threat--DJ, MC, and producer--and he finally proves himself by ditching his lightweight, whimsical style and making something with some gravitas. Beauty & the Beat blends old-school hip-hop with psychedelic rock riffs to amazing effect. Individual tracks transform and expand, flowing seamlessly together into a prog-rap adventure. The whole thing clocks in at a scant 37 minutes, but it's a dense listen, regardless. The production easily steals the show, and I'm fine with that. Edan's not the best rapper around...he's clever and has a good flow, yet isn't the most skilled writer. But he still gets the job done here, and some op-notch guest raps help to flesh out the album's rhymes. Overall, it's a stunning work. I still listen to it all the time.

Best object (musical or otherwise) of 2005
Talking Heads: Brick
This year, I came to the vaguely startling observation that the Talking Heads are my favorite band ever. I already owned half of the albums in this comprehensive reissue box set, but somehow I'd failed to delve deep into the material. Upon closer inspection, this band is absolutely essential. I can't believe I hadn't fully noticed earlier. The haunting post-punk grooves, paranoid lyrics, and arresting delivery of David Byrne all peak on the Eno-produced albums, but even the less brilliant later LPs offer plenty of substance. And this amazing box contains both remastered CD versions (with previously unreleased demos and rarities) and DVD-A versions with new mixes overseen by Talking Head Jerry Harrison. These new 5.1 mixes are incomprehensibly good, pushing the boundaries of the format with creative use of the channels. I dare anyone to find a more engrossing listening experience than Remain in Light in full 3D sound.

(audio nerds should read this article about the 5.1 mix on apple.com)

Album that I listened to like 2000 times
Talking Heads: The Name of This Band is Talking Heads
So what if this didn't come out last year? It never left my rotation. Rhino's phenomenal reissue inflates the Heads' first live album into a mammoth two-disc size with tons of previously unheard performances. The discs chronologically track the band's growth, climaxing on disc two with the stellar 10-person band from the Remain in Light tour. Songs have been radically reworked into sprawling, driving jams dense with polyrhythmic interplay. The versions of "Stay Hungry," "Houses in Motion," "Born Under Punches," "Life During Wartime," "Crosseyed and Painless," and "The Great Curve" turn the drama and intensity up to unforeseen levels, outclassing the album originals. The best songs ever just got better. Buy this now.

Most Growth (now with bonus tragedy)
Sleater Kinney: The Woods
I went to see S-K play at the Warfield right before the Woods dropped. To my surprise, they played the entire new album in its entirety, followed by a short encore of their older favorites. Those ladies have some balls. A lot of fans were pissed, but I actually adore the new sound. The precise, poppy punk of yesteryear gave way to dense, angry guitar rock steeped in the psychedelic tradition of Zeppelin. Songs melt together into virtuoso guitar solos, yet the thick production never goes so far over the top as to rob the album of its impact. Oh yeah, and they decided to break up earlier this week. That totally blows, but at least we got this stellar album first. Thanks, ladies. You rocked.

2 more batches of awards (and much, much more!) TK later this week.
Peace out.
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pour one out for boy buddy [04 Jun 2006|05:54pm]
Our good friend Christian has uploaded a ton of old photos to his flickr account. Go ahead and click. You'll find countless nerdy pictures of me (please do not look at or save any of them), see plenty of gaming industry superstars in their younger days, and discover the ultimate collection of cat snapshots. Here's my favorite, an ancient snapshot of Asuka and her dearly departed brother, Boy Buddy, back in Kentucky. Peace out, bro.
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I crossed the burning desert [02 May 2006|01:06am]
Now that was a weekend. Apologies for not updating much...I've had some great experiences in the last few weeks that really should have gotten some press here, such as a stellar vacation in Tokyo. Maybe we'll still get to that. But the buzzing in my head demands immediate explanation.

We just rolled back into town after a wild 4-day weekend at Coachella, the giant 2-day rock festival down near Palm Springs. The trip was an unabashed success...so much, in fact, that Skip randomly felt compelled to exclaim "this trip is really successful!" this morning. We all kind of overdid it on Saturday, so we spent the first half of Sunday drinking while swimming at the resort's luxurious pool array. It was retarded.

Day 1

Lady Sovereign
I only caught her last three songs, but this chick definitely lives up to her scrappy reputation. No-frills presentation (just MC and DJ) put her verbal assaults right up in ya grill. Eh, she's fun. Still, I only came into this sweltering tent to get a good spot for...

Lyrics Born
Wow, it has been a few years since I last saw him play live...but I think he's actually gotten even more absurdly energetic and spirited since his solo album came out (ages ago). I expected to hear some new material, but I'd somehow forgotten the unspoken rule that Coachella setlists = greatest hits. Doesn't matter, though--LB was on fire, as was his band. Awesome stuff. Eleven more hours of this! And that's just today...

I've got no beef with Common's R&B-infused hip hoppin', but I'm secretly pushing my way through the throngs of vaguely-interested hippies in order to secure a good spot for...

Kanye West
The last-minute festival addition (2 days before!) has the nerve to show up to the stage about 20 minutes late (which sucks, because they can't really run over--Kanye mentioned that he was having to revise his set list because he was late. Lame.) and still gave my favorite performance of the entire weekend. I really had no idea that he was that good of a performer. He's certainly not the best rapper, but his band, DJ, backup singers, and uh, string quartet add lots of sizzle. Plus, Kanye had fun with all us white kids--first, he suggested that we all should sing along to 'Gold Digger' since it's the only time we can say that word without getting in trouble, and then he led everyone in a full-on karaoke of a-ha's 'Take on Me.'

I had to skip My Morning Jacket (who rocked my face off last fall at the Fillmore) to see Kanye, and it was actually worth it. Insane! In other news, the sun has finally set, so now I love Coachella even more.

As I'm starting to flee the main stage, I hear what appears to be an Elvish horn of nerd summoning--aka, some sort of spooky, moog-y beacon alerting the hip hop fans of an impending Sigur Ros concert. As us street people swarm out in our Timberlands and sideways baseball caps, we pass legions of nerds, hippies, and Europeans filtering towards the stage. I think I saw someone carrying a Dungeon Master's Screen, and I heard at least two entirely made-up languages being spoken. Actually, I kind of wish I'd stayed. Despite singing in a made-up language, Sigur Ros somehow escapes my wrath--their music is just too pretty. Sorry.

But I went to see Ladytron instead -- I'd seen them a few years back, but their last album showed a lot of growth so they beat out the LOTRockers. They sounded good, but the show leaned on their older stuff, which sounds a tad dated compared to their newer, more sophisticated sound. Maybe I should have listened to the unicorns and shit. Oh well.

Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley (and his 19 friends)
Nothing could stop this grinding reggae party from running way over its alotted time slot, and I was all for it. The jams were dope, and it was once again easy to walk through groups of dazed hipsters to get dangerously close to the...

Eagles of Death Metal
Wow, these guys rocked. I'd heard that they were good, but somehow never actually investigated. But yeah, they put on a helluva show. Double drumming (from Josh Homme and some hot chick) gives their sound some extra kick, and their frontman is a total nut. Catch these guys on tour.

I'd heard some of these guys on other projects, but hadn't actually heard any of this rap/rock hybrid's work. Good crowd interaction, some sick tracks, and uh...I can't believe I've seen all of these bands. The goblet of rock runneth over.

Daft Punk
I'm so lame that I just sit down near the throbbing, glowstik-filled tent and enjoy Daft Punk's first performance in five years from a safe distance. Apparently they dressed up like robots and had a light show to rival the one on my Nuon. Skip was apparently up front, possibly wearing a Cat in the Hat hat.

day 2 coverage tomorrow...
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grooving? [25 Mar 2006|12:00am]
Would anyone who's gonna be in Tokyo next week want to join me at Springroove? A giant hip hop show in Japan seems awfully fun...right?. Tickets can be had here. Also, anyone in Japan able to lend me your address for delivery since they don't ship to the U.S.?
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That ain't butter beer, li'l lady [28 Feb 2006|07:59pm]
it's gettin' late and you're lookin' older
I didn't buy it for her, I swear.
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Best headlines I saw today on Google News [13 Feb 2006|11:39pm]
"Jaws Creator Loved Sharks, Wife Reveals"

"Rocker Scott Stapp Gets Married, Arrested"
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show your love [31 Jan 2006|08:18pm]
I don't actually watch Law & Order: Special Victims unit, but I have to give props to an artist who has designed (and is selling) valentines based on the show. I'd be psyched to get one of these in 2nd Grade.
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100 x 100 [29 Jan 2006|10:51pm]

When you're really drunk in Vegas, you might think that ordering a 100-by-100 burger at In-N-Out seems like a good idea. You might be right. Check the gory details of this awesome transaction, complete with a pic of the nearly-$100 recepit. As disgusting as these pics look, I'd still go for a Double-Double right now if it came my way....
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Bai Ling does Sundance [25 Jan 2006|07:37pm]
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palm springs, anyone? [24 Jan 2006|10:49pm]
Wow, I really hope this is real. Coachella was a blast when I went 2 years ago, and with proper planning (like an extra day to drive back) this could be A+' stuff. Seriously, I want to see 26 of the bands on this (hopefully not fake) flier. Tickets go on sale tomorrow...and the lineup reportedly won't be officially revealed until next week. WTF?

Hmm, and this site has a list of confirmed bands that almost perfectly matches up with that flier. Could be a conspiracy, still.
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coming soon [17 Jan 2006|11:05pm]

Now that I've had plenty of time to reflect on 2005, I'm finally ready to write a long, rambling piece on my favorite albums of last year. Well, not tonight...but soon. Tonight we get a coloring book. Enjoy.
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happy new year [31 Dec 2005|06:39pm]
We started celebrating a full 26 hours early, just to make sure we make the most of 2005.
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that gum you like is coming back into style [08 Dec 2005|09:30pm]

This weekend, you'll find me at the movies. Jesse Ficks, the guy who used to program the brilliant 'Midnites for Maniacs' series at the 4 Star, will be presenting three nights of David Lynch double/triple features at the castro theater here in San Francisco. Best weekend at the movies ever.

Friday, Dec. 9
7pm: Mulholland Drive
9:40 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Saturday, Dec 10
7pm: Blue Velvet
9:15 Wild at Heart
Midnite: Lost Highway

Sunday, Dec 11
7pm: The Elephant Man
9:20: Dune
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in which i succumb to a meme [05 Dec 2005|12:44am]
(I rarely do memes, but this one seemed harmless...and I'm in the middle of researching a massive upcoming post about my favorite albums of 2005, so I thought it would be fun to list 7 songs I listened to today that do not appear on any albums I'll be covering. Random, I know.)

tagged by: jonnyram

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

David Bowie: Station to Station
PJ Harvey: One Line
Baby: What Happened to that Boy?
Boards of Canada: Kid for Today
Pulp: Glory Days
Miles Davis: Hand Jive
Lisa Whelchel: Good Girl

If I don't officially pass the meme on, does that mean I'm breaking the chain letter? I'm always curious what new stuff ferricideferricide is into...he's always on the bleeding edge of the UK scene. But really, I'd love to know what all my friends are digging currently...
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Bling Mitzvah [01 Dec 2005|10:08pm]
I thought I had a fairly rad birthday, but I've got nothing on David H. Brooks' daughter. Her dad spent $10 million dollars on her Bat Mitzvah last weekend, mostly on the entertainment. If your dad can afford to hire Aerosmith, Ciara, Tom Petty (?!) and 50 Cent to play at your birthday party, you're officially too rich.
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